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Euro-Chemicals provides specific raw materials for the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. From our headquarters in Nordhorn, our experts provide attentive answers to all your questions, regardless of size or complexity. We work with renowned clients, suggest new producers when needed, conduct laboratory tests, and provide samples. Faster than you are used to from other places and always with a focus on quality.

We screen our suppliers and ensure that our chemical products comply with all European directives. Our close-knit distribution network allows us to make fast and customised deliveries, monitor your stock management and guarantee the availability of raw materials.

Euro-Chemicals does not produce under its own brands, but we can also provide contract manufacturing when required. This additional service ensures a flexible response to market demands.

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At Euro-Chemicals, our purpose is clear: We are dedicated to provide high-quality, innovative chemical solutions that meet the unique demands of the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and fine chemicals industries.

Leading the market
Euro-Chemicals aims to sustainably be the preferred distributor of speciality chemical raw materials. We achieve this by offering our customers unique expertise in marketing and specialist chemical knowledge. From an entrepreneurial and dynamic approach, we contribute creative and innovative solutions that add significant value to our customers' business models.

At Euro-Chemicals, corporate social responsibility comes first. We therefore pay a lot of attention to sustainability in the development, transport and storage of our raw materials. In doing so, we cooperate with various parties in the supply chain and, for example, set high standards for the transport equipment used by our carriers and ensure safe and responsible management of all products.

With a focus on delivering essential raw materials, life-saving pharmaceuticals, and specialized chemical products, we are committed to advancing science, technology, and human well-being. Our goal is to foster growth and sustainability in these vital sectors.

As a trusted partner, we are here to meet the diverse chemical needs of our customers and the global community. Explore our range of solutions and join us in shaping a better future through chemistry

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At Euro-Chemicals, our 'why' is deeply rooted in our commitment to making a meaningful impact on the world through chemistry. Here's why we do what we do:

Advancing Innovation: We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of chemistry to address global challenges.

Empowering Industries:
We provide high-quality solutions to empower industries like Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and Fine Chemicals.

Improving Lives:
Chemistry impacts lives, and we strive to enhance quality of life through our products.

We're committed to eco-friendly practices and leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

Global Reach, Local Impact:
With a global presence, we make a local impact by supporting economies and fostering talent.

Join us in using the power of chemistry to create a better world.

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Euro-Chemicals operates globally, serving customers and industries across the entire world. Our reach extends to:

Pharmaceuticals: We play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry, supplying life-saving medicines to address health needs worldwide.

Chemicals: Euro-Chemicals provides essential raw materials and solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, supporting numerous sectors.

Fine Chemicals: Our specialized, high-quality chemicals are used in research, diagnostics, and niche industries, emphasizing precision and purity.

No matter where you are, Euro-Chemicals is here to meet your chemical needs and contribute to progress in your region.

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Euro-Chemicals Group

Euro-Chemicals Group B.V. is a Netherlands-based company specializing in the distribution of industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It was founded in 1992 and has since grown to become a major player in the European chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials market.

Euro-Chemicals Group B.V. operates through a holding structure, which means that it is a parent company that owns and controls several subsidiary companies. The holding structure allows Euro-Chemicals Group B.V. to operate more efficiently and effectively, as it can centralize its management and financial operations.

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We personally screen our suppliers and ensure that our chemical products comply with all European directives. Our close-knit distribution network allows us to make fast and customised deliveries, monitor your stock management and guarantee the availability of raw materials.

Additionally, we provide the opportunity to manufacture customer-specific products or raw materials through our network of principals.


Euro-Chemicals has a rich history of growth and development. Below, you'll find a timeline illustrating the key milestones and significant moments in the history of Euro-Chemicals, showcasing our journey of progress and achievement over the years.

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Establishment Eurochemie B.V.

Eurochemie B.V. was established in 1992 and has since gained a prominent position in the chemical industry.


Strategy change: Euro-Chemicals

In 2008, Euro-Chemicals adopted a strategic shift in which it sold its production division and continued with distribution.


Establishment of Pharma Division

In 2014, after receiving mandatory permits, the pharma division was established and it has been steadily growing since then.


ISO 9001 certified

In 2018, we received ISO 9001 for our Quality Management System. This achievement reflects our dedication to maintaining high-quality standards in our operations.

Good Distribution Practices

Also in 2018, we received GDP certification (Good Distribution Practices) for the distribution of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for human use. This marks our standard of quality within the pharmaceutical industry.


Expansion to additional location in The Netherlands

In 2023, Euro-Chemicals expanded its activities to a new combined office and transport location in Oldenzaal. As of this point Euro-Chemicals operates from its offices in the Netherlands and Germany.


Let's keep innovating together

Crafting Tailored Solutions: Unveiling the Expertise of Euro-Chemicals

At Euro-Chemicals, our people are not just skilled professionals; they also possess specialized knowledge shaped by both hands-on experience and targeted education. Our account managers comprehend the intricacies of the chemical industry and are fully committed to delivering tailor-made solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Through years of practical experience, our people have gained profound insights into the dynamics of the chemical sector. They have developed a keen eye not only for market trends but also an understanding of the technical nuances of our products and services. This practical experience enables them to not only advise clients but also proactively propose solutions that exceed expectations.

Additionally, they undergo continuous training and retraining to keep their knowledge up-to-date and adapt to the evolving standards and requirements of the industry. They attend courses and workshops designed to provide them with the latest insights into chemical processes, technologies, and regulations.

The combination of hands-on experience and ongoing education empowers our account managers to serve not only as representatives of Euro-Chemicals but also as valuable advisors to our clients. They understand the challenges clients face and are dedicated to delivering solutions that not only meet but often exceed the expectations of our valued partners.

Code of conduct


Our company’s code of conduct serves as a guiding document that outlines the principles, values, and ethical standards that we expect all employees, management, and stakeholders to adhere to in their interactions with each other, customers, suppliers, and the wider community.

At our company, we believe that responsible business practices are essential for building trust, maintaining a positive reputation, and contributing to the long-term success and sustainability of our enterprise. Our code of conduct reflects our commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity, accountability, transparency, and respect in everything we do.

Through our code of conduct, we aim to create a workplace culture that values ethical behavior, open communication, and continuous improvement. We encourage all employees and stakeholders to review and familiarize themselves with the code of conduct, and to report any concerns or violations to the appropriate channels.

We believe that by adhering to our code of conduct, we can create a positive impact on our stakeholders, society, and the environment, and contribute to a more sustainable and responsible business ecosystem.

Supply Chain

At Euro-Chemicals we aim to provide a comprehensive range of products distinguished by their innovative and unique characteristics. Whether it's uniqueness, eco-friendliness, low environmental footprint, or sourced from recycled materials, these attributes are consistently paired with the highest quality standards.

But there is more, with our innovative power in our DNA, we search for opportunities that will make the lives of our customers and patients easier and better. We are not afraid to open the discussion and welcome creative and innovative ideas to the table. Our geographical spread may mean that our requirements are as versatile as our markets, but it also opens the door for expanding your scope of business.

Improving your Supply chain
Euro-Chemicals provides proactive guidance to improve your supply chain. Utilizing our robust connections with logistics providers, we guarantee optimal flexibility and superior service levels. Our quality team meticulously assesses all logistics partners, and our facilities adhere to international standards like ISO9001, ISO14001, AEO, PGS, HACCP, GMP, and NGDP. Additionally, we ensure compliance with regional and local regulations.